Undertale Vs. Dragon Ball Wikia

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Spear Throw: Undyne pulls her arm back with a spear ready, she will then throw it, meter burning it will cause her to run over and kick the spear all the way through their chest.
  • Spear Trap: Undyne pulls her arm up and summons spears from the floor, impaling the opponent, trapping them in place, meter burning it causes her to send a second set of spears, knocking them into the air.
  • Spear Bounce:
  • Hero's Shoulder:
  • Surrounding Spears:
  • Undying Determination:
  • Green Soul:

Gear Moves[]

  • Spear Toss: (Enhances Spear Thow)
  • Spear Portal: (Adds Spear Portal)
  • Hero's Slide: (Replaces Hero's Shoulder)
  • Flip Kick: (Adds Flip Kick)
  • Spear Rush: (Enhances Hero's Shoulder)
  • Undying Mode: (Replaces Spear of Justice)(Requires Two Slots)
  • Spear Impale: (Adds Spear Impale)
  • Grounded Spear: (Adds Grounded Spear)

Character Trait[]

  • Spear of Justice: Undyne tightens her grip on her spear as it lights on blue fire, adding a bleed effect and increasing damage

Super Move[]

  • Battle Against A True Hero:


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